The Dreamy Entrepreneurial Girl.



I was reading something very recently about being a woman entrepreneur. I pulled a lot from the article but the idea that stuck with me most was about personal dreams. Whether your dreams are tiny, traditional or outrageous every girl should have a list of dreams. The article spoke about creating a list of 100 dreams. It is sort of the ultimate vision board. I have started working on my list I am currently at 45 and never realized how attainable my wildest dreams were. Many of them I have already achieved like, living in Paris and traveling to Africa but this list gives me the vision and the want to achieve them all.

Here is a part of my 100 Dreams List so far.

Own a home. (Check!)
Graduate college. (Check!)
Travel to Amsterdam.
Travel to Germany. (Check!)
Live in London.
Visit London. (Check!)
Live in Paris. (Check!)
Go to Coachella.
See Radiohead in concert.
Flip a house to sell. (Check!)
Visit Elle in college. (My ten year old niece.)
Visit Lara in college. (My ten year old niece.)
Visit Colin in college. (My 12 year old nephew.)
Drive a Jeep. (Check!)
Travel with Elle and Lara internationally.
Start creating your list of 100 dreams and let me know which ones you are working on for 2017.

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