Why Every Small Boutique Needs A Publicist.


I love working with small boutiques. They typically only carry a few of the exact same pieces and I find the collections much more exclusive. Most boutique owners create a cohesive style for their brand which is great for any shopper. Chances are, if you find one piece you adore within your favorite boutique you will find may more. Boutique owners are usually amazing creatives that work long hours, within very tight timelines and small budgets. They are resourceful gals and guys and the perfect publicist can be an invaluable asset.

Here are four reasons every small boutique needs a publicist.

A publicist can help a small boutique earn media coverage by working with their personal media contacts to create content worth distributing to the public. There are many different avenues that a publicist can use when working with the media to get coverage; blogs, magazines, radio and TV are my favorites. A publicist will also have local connections that a small boutique can directly benefit from whether it is invites to exclusive events with potential new customers or information on the fashion climate in your city.

Creating buzz around a small boutique is very important. The ultimate goal is to teach people about the brand and to then have them become lovers of the brand. Cool launch parties or blogger brunches are fashionable ways to get people into a boutique to shop and to share the boutique’s branding ideals. Create a cute hashtag around every event and offer curated gift bags to further share the boutique with the people that are most engaged.  Both of these ideas make an event very socially shareable!

Working with a great publicist can provide a small boutique with an all encompassing tailored plan made just for the boutique. A publicist can advise on branding, events and social. This is an opportunity to create a plan that is creative, well thought out and cohesive. The plan will include the basics of any PR plan. However, the direct collaboration between the publicist and boutique owner can solidify a plan that is complete and boutique specific.

Many small boutiques have a smaller budget than a chain fashion line. A publicist’s fee structure is more affordable than a big brand offering PR services. This smaller budget includes the themes that the boutique owner and a publicist agree the boutique will value from the most. Working directly with a publicist makes it easy to create a plan that is focused based on the overall budget. Maybe a boutique has a social media manager and they don’t need any social execution. A publicist can advise on the overall brand vision as it relates to social and the in-house social manager can take it from there.

Every small boutique is different but they can all benefit from having a fabulous publicist as a part of their team. Obtaining media coverage, creating buzz, executing a PR plan and working within an outlined fee structure are just a few reasons why every small boutique needs a publicist. What are some ways you can help your favorite boutique turned client?!

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