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When you are working with a brand, there are always opportunities to share what is going on behind the scenes with the public. People love the inside scoop and newsworthy happenings are a great way to share the brand values.  Maybe there is a new collection, a launch party next month or a huge corporate responsibility win. These are the perfect opportunities to share with the public and your loyal customers. Once you identify a cool opportunity, think about ways to make the event viral. Spread the good news!

What social networks would work best to spread the news? Instagram, YouTube and Twitter are a great start. All three are super easy to use and there are hundreds of millions of people on these platforms.

How to share? Do you have an email list? You should! An email or a brand newsletter is a great way to share the news. Make sure to include a link to make sharing easy for the recipient. Have clickable options to share attached to every piece of content on your website. Share the Love is a great option. Do not disregard word of mouth. Word of mouth has become somewhat of a forgotten form of communication. However, it is still a great way to share.

What do you do once you share the opportunity? Interact with people that share your content. Thank them and start up a conversation around the topic. Ask – What are their thoughts? What about the content is interesting or inspiring?

Tip – Add the viral worthy opportunity to your monthly editorial calendar. Think about how often you want to share the information. What time of day is the best time to share? Change the way you share, by creating a new lead in for the link. Always, use your hashtag.

From a PR perspective having content worth, sharing is very important. It is an opportunity to share your brand and the ideals that represent the brand. One of my biggest goals when it comes to content is making sure content is easily shareable. Make sure information is easily available to the media and Influencers. Be available for any additional asks. Reshare every hit and continue to expand your reach!

What is going on with your client’s brand this week that is news worthy? Let’s make it viral!

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