Gaining Exposure For Men’s Brands

The space for Men’s fashion keeps expanding. I personally love Men’s fashion, boys have a way to make being fashionable, creative and classic seem simple. Nowadays getting a great quality, reasonably priced custom suit or button-down is easy. Suit Supply is my favorite men’s brand and has been for the last few years. There are tons of cool brands working to make men look super stylish and lucky for us we get to enjoy the swag!

Gaining exposure for a women’s brand is a bit different than gaining exposure for a men’s brand. As a publicist you still want to be creative, innovative and timely. However, you want a slightly different approach with men at top of mind. If you have a client that focuses on Men’s fashion here are a few quick ideas to get exposure for the brand and to push any Men’s fashion brand forward.

Focus on the boutique layout. – The boutique should have an overall clean layout. Racks that are not crowded and a small number of options are ideal. Soothing colors and an overall showroom feel is perfection. If it is an online store and not a brick and mortar the same theory applies. The site should feel simplistic and easy to navigate. Simple, strong and sleek!

Tech is Life! – Offer a super techy experience. Men love electronics and are much comfortable in a tech savvy space. Can the customer’s sizes be placed in an IPad and saved for future purchases? This will also simplify the ordering process for the future. Any guy would love this! Can the customer buzz a sales attendant from the dressing room? For most men when shopping it is all about ease.

Create a five star experience. – Make shopping an experience, play great music and have whiskey, scotch or beer available. Give styling ideas. Create actual complete outfit ideas for the buyer. Have an event to walk potential customers through the boutique. Explain the overall concept and be sure to show the bells and whistles. A great buyer experience goes far and turns new shoppers into faithful clients.

When working with a brand for men just keep in mind EASE is key. Make the shopping, online ordering and buying process as easy as possible. The easier each aspect of a brand the better. What ideas do you have to streamline the buying process for men?

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