The Beauty of a To-Do List


A To-Do list is a thing of beauty. As a publicist, I create a To-Do list (or two) every day and it without a doubt is the single most important thing that makes my day successful. To stay productive I wake up very early and I work out most mornings, however my To-Do list keeps me on track once the day begins.

A To-Do list keeps you from forgetting the things you want to achieve each day. When you create a To-Do list you clear the space in your mind for other things like execution. After creating a solid list, fully review your list at least three times a day. Once you cross each item off your daily list, you feel accomplished which pushes you toward another successful day. I LOVE crossing items off my list one by one. Use the few items left on your list to start your To-Do list for the next day. Always think ahead.

To get started with this daily exercise get into the habit of scribbling a short list of things you want to do each day. Create a list that is personal and a second that is for business. You can create a notes area in your cellphone to refer to throughout the day. I absolutely believe in the power of writing things into existence. Therefore, I prefer an old-school pen and pad. Buy yourself a gorgeous pen and pad that you will be thrilled to use each day.

A To-Do list is just another way I stay sharp. It is a routine for me. What daily routines keep your business running smoothly?

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