Your Dream Team


We all want the perfect team. When building a team for your business it is extremely important to create a team of go-getters with great energy. Consider – will the players gel? Everyone’s goal is to work with a great group of people that support each other. A group that works in tandem to achieve the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal being solidifying your brand and pushing your ideals forward. The role of each team member must be defined and will mostly likely constantly evolve. Communication is very important for any team. As the brand grows and the role evolves, it is vital to talk about how to improve your brand daily.

As a publicist, the perfect team is essential. The people you work with to execute events, land placements and create exposure for your client’s brand is super important.

How do you create the perfect team?

Start with a list of the roles that you would love to hand off to someone that you work closely with. Think about the responsibilities that you can delegate.

Here are some of the top team members needed for any PR team.

The Creator – This team member is a huge part of any PR team. The “Team Creator” is constantly coming up with great ideas and new processes. Constantly reading and learning about the industry is fun for them.

The Fixer – This team member is able to make sure everything runs smoothly at all times. The “Team Fixer” can essentially put out small PR fires with their eyes closed.

The Socialite – This team member is a super communicator that builds relationships with fashion journalists for your brand. The “Team Socialite” helps you maintain these relationships.

The Technologist – This team member is amazing at juggling all of the social platforms and making sure to hit every detail on the editorial calendar. The “Team Technologist” helps you excel at all things social.

Do you have a team in place? What team players are you looking for? Who is the one team member you cannot live without?

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