The Perfect Fashion Mash-up – Collaborating With a Boutique.

I have created a quick outline of the expectations for fashion writers and boutiques when working together. This relationship is a fabulous one and you want to make sure both sides benefit.

What the boutique wants. – Exposure. What the writer wants. – Content and Fashion Knowledge.

A publicist’s job is to make the connection. Match boutiques with writers that would be interested in their brand. A writer or editor’s contacts are always open to a publicist’s recommendations. The publicist will coordinate the writer and the boutique while confirming the date and time.

Here’s how a boutique visit works.

The Writer

  • The writer will come in to view the collection.
  • The writer will most likely try on a few pieces and take pictures of the clothes, the boutique and maybe themselves in the clothes.
  • The writer will create a post to share on their social. (Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram stories.)
  • The writer will likely tag the boutique and share the boutique’s social!
  • The writer may buy their favorite piece and they may not.

The Boutique

  • The boutique can possibly pull a few pieces that they think the writer would adore.
  • The boutique pretty much makes the visit pleasant and answers any questions that the writer may have.

A boutique visit is an opportunity for the boutique to tap into the writer’s network. It is also an opportunity for the writer to tap into the boutique’s network. The writer and the boutique introduce each other to very different audiences through this new relationship. Both sides benefit equally through this fun and easy collaboration. Spell out the expectations on both sides prior to agreeing to the collaboration. What is the boutique hoping for? What is the writer open to?


The boutique visit should be about 45 minutes. Take a ton of pictures!

The writer should send a Thank you!

Writer – Share a few cool images with the boutique owner for ease.

The boutique should send a Thank you!

Share on all social and tag each other!

Make a fun list of clients and editors that are the perfect match. Reach out and make those collaborations happen today!

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