Paris, France is my Ultimate Destination.

I lived in Paris for a while a few years ago and it was amazing. I shopped my way through Europe, made it to Africa, ran around the city, wrote and visited at least twenty to forty museums. It was the most inspiring time in my life. I visit Paris every year and that will never change. As an entrepreneur, I think it is important to have a place that brings you ultimate peace. A place where you can relax, clear your mind or come up with new innovative ideas for your brand or clients! The place may be an international location or it may be your gorgeous new office at home. No matter the place, make sure you have music, a pad and a pen.

If you make your way to Paris I created a list of things you must experience.

District – The 8th – Champs Elysées

Explore – Walk around Le Marais

Shop – Vintage shop at Free P Star

Art – Musée Picasso

Food – Ristorante Napoletano

Do you have a city that inspires you? Or a place?

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