My Five Morning Rituals as a PR Girl

I wake up before 6 a.m. every weekday morning. I believe in starting the day strong. I’ve been told that I shoot out of bed like a rocket. After a great night sleep, I am ready to conquer the day. I have morning rituals that I have been doing since college that I swear by. They keep me organized, inspired, fit and productive. What more can a PR girl ask for?

Here are my top five morning ritual secrets –

I love working out! I try to work out every morning. Whether I run, use the elliptical or ride a bike exercise is vital to me. The benefits of working out are amazing. The good endorphins that are created when you work out are everything! Here is a piece I recently read about the benefits of working out – here.

Check email and respond to all emails by 9 a.m. Responding to email so early ensures that you have all of your replies out long before lunchtime. More than likely ensuring you will get a response that day. In addition, your email is more likely to be at the top of the receiver’s email inbox if you respond first thing in the morning.

Execute easy social for the day. Instagram is super fun. However, it can be time consuming. Interacting with your follower’s every day is super important. Try liking beautiful images as you workout or commute on the train. It is time well spent. You can also catch up on news by logging into your Twitter and talking to you followers about their interests.

Reading your favorite blogs first thing in the morning provides you with inspiration. It also keeps you aware of the new things happening in your niche. Some of my favorite blogs are Vogue, GQ and PRDaily.

Write a grateful list in your phone. This ritual is all about positive energy. Being grateful is a privilege and it truly changes your perspective on everything. I keep a grateful list in my cellphone. I add to the list regularly and keep it as a reminder of all of the things I am lucky to have.

These are my secrets to keep going as a PR girl. What are the things you do in the morning to start your day?

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