Writing for The Publicist.

Writing is a huge part of being a publicist. You have to be able to write creative copy, press materials and fabulous emails every day.

Here are some simple concepts to get you started on a new writing journey!

Communication is key. Always start with a strong opening using the receiver’s name. When you are writing an email, make sure you are clear and concise. Ask yourself, what does your email imply? Did you have an ask? Were you sure to articulate the ask? Read your final email aloud before sending.

To me Inspiration is the biggest part of writing. Set aside two times a week to brainstorm. Two fifteen-minute sessions to come up with new ideas. Setting time aside to consciously think about your writing allows you to think creatively.  Write from anywhere, whenever an idea hits. Jot down your ideas in a pad or save cool blurbs in your phone. If you really want to feel like a writer, try typing on an old school typewriter!

Content creation is very important, but fun! Make a list of the topics that interest your readers. Fashion? Public Relations? Social Media? Ask your followers what they want on each of your social platforms. Collect their ideas and keep a file called, “Followers Love”. You can also share what you know with your community by blogging. Write consistently on your site and be a guest writer on one of your favorite sites. Create content that is educational and interesting.

What are your next few pieces about? Here are some ideas to get you started. What is hot in Fashion Technology? Which international fashion week is your favorite and why? What is a reoccurring theme you see in your niche? Start writing!

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