Hashtag Crushing.

I personally love hashtags. Using a hashtag is a great way to show a brand love. Allowing a brand or contact to connect with your following by sharing their brand is the ultimate gesture. They get to connect with your reach and potentially make a new connection. When you use a hashtag, you can also connect with people that attended the same event you attended. Follow-up email, maybe? Lastly, a hashtag can show a connection between your brand and a brand you are working with. For example, I recently executed a Kate Spade event and used the hashtag isokeprXkatespade. The hashtag is chic and it represents my brand as well as Kate Spade.

There are several cute and subtle ways to incorporate a brand’s name into an event or story you are writing.

Here are my top five ways to share a hashtag:

Place the hashtag on the invite. – Invitees can start sharing before they arrive!

Have the hashtag printed on cupcakes. – A yummy strategic go-to of mine. It is also a super Instagramable moment. More sharing!

Your hashtag should be on every piece of Marketing collateral. – People should walk away from each event or meeting with a reminder of you. A piece of collateral with your hashtag is a strong reminder of why they should work with you.

Use the hashtag on all social posts. – Use a hashtag whether you are interacting with your followers on Instagram, Twitter or YouTube.

Share the hashtag during your, Thank You speech. – When you address your attendees make sure you share your hashtag.

Quick Tip – I recently attended a fabulous party and the hashtag was on the photo booth photos. I have seen this placement before and it is perfection. Simple and anyone that looks at the photo cannot miss it!

What is your go to hashtag for your brand? What kinds of hashtags work well for your clients?

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