Capturing London Cool

When traveling overseas I am always super impressed with the creative, risky fashion that I see. The small boutiques and designers in Europe and Africa are fabulous. They are not afraid to use color or unpopular shapes.

I constantly research and read about fashion brands in cities before I visit. England has an amazing selection of new and classic brands that create the London Cool look. When in London the looks that I fall in love with are always very different with great shape but classic in their own right. I guess this explains why London Fashion Week is always a moment.

Here are my top three favorite English brands. These brands are gorgeous, edgy and inspiring.


Yes, KILTS! This brand has its own twist on the classic kilt. Plaid is an obvious must have but they have super high-waisted options, bright color options and a jean kilt! This brand is not afraid to play with straps and buckles which brings another level of beauty to their aesthetic.


Preen is all about the color and I love the shock value of each design. Their bright red sequin dress with long sleeves is a beauty. I also love their modern twist on ruffles and a huge shoulder. Their newest collection is playing with extra long sleeves and off the shoulder designs. Just my style!

Mayra Fedane

I can describe these bags in one word – coquettish! They could not be any cuter. Each bag has a one of a kind look and Mayra Fedane perfectly incorporates color, shape and hardware. My favorite bag right now is the red and silver Lily bag with fringe. An eclectic girls staple bag!

I am off to Switzerland later this month and I cannot wait to see what the Zurich fashion scene has to offer. I will share my faves!

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