Perfectly Planning Your Week

I am an absolute planner. It has always worked in my favor. There are instances where I am super spontaneous but I actually love to plan. Especially when it comes to PR. I honestly believe that is how I am able to achieve so much in a day. As a publicist, making sure every deadline is met and following up in a timely manner are both essential. Keep tracking of every email, commitment and every piece of coverage can be a fulltime job.

Here are the top five ways I plan my entire week:

  1. Take an hour on Sunday to look at your schedule for the upcoming week.
  2. Set reminders for meetings and calls in your phone for the hour prior to the meeting and a second reminder for ten minutes prior to the meeting. Send an email the day before to reconfirm any meetings and express your excitement.
  3. Capture a list of daily deadlines for each day of the week.
  4. Add social time with friends and exercising to your weekly planner.
  5. Set a goal for each day.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when planning your week.

What invites have I accepted for this week?

What client needs to I have this week?

Am I attending at least one networking event this week?

Have I spent any time with my girlfriends this week?

When will I write this week?

When will I exercise this week?

Which day of this week will be my, “RELAX” day?

Today is Monday so it is the perfect day to try these ideas for this week. Grab a pen and PLAN!

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