Spoil your Favorite Fashion Writer with Images

Fashion editors and writers are always extremely busy. They are looking for great content, reading about fashion consistently, making sure visuals are perfection, and let us not forget – writing!

I wanted to share a new PR idea that is working like a charm. Most fashion photographers understand how important images are in the world of fashion. I typically get images the day after an event. Once I receive the images, I email the best images to the fashion editor or writer that they are the best fit for. Is it a great image of the writer? Does the image speak to their writing style?

This provides the writer with content and it helps the publicist continue to share a client’s brand. Whether they use the image on their social or for an actual piece they write is irrelevant. Either option is great exposure! I send along the gorgeous photos with a thank you email and the event hashtag.

Give this gem a try and let me know the results!

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