A PR Girl’s Dream Creative Space

Happy New Year! Another amazing year has passed and another amazing year is upon us. If you are anything like me, you have your trusty list of resolutions and you have already started setting and crushing goals for the week and working toward your goals for the year. Being organized, productive and executing is on most every PR girl’s list. With that idea in mind, I thought about the things needed to achieve those goals. A gorgeous creative space is so necessary. There needs to be a space where you can focus on just business. Not a bed or a couch, a space that you have created with your aspirations, brand and ideas in mind. If you are lucky, you have a home office. In a city like D.C., you have a perfect little nook. A desk of dreams!

Here are a few ideas to utilize your space and move toward your PR Girl Goals!

  1. Keep an Inspiration notebook in your desk full of random genius ideas!
  2. Have a desk calendar to jot things down.
  3. Keep your favorite magazines nearby for inspiration.
  4. Keep all business cards to reach out to for possible collaborations.
  5. Have an endless supply of pens and pencils.

Here are a few more tips to keep your space fun!

Have beautiful flowers on your desk. Real or fake they will make you smile.

Keep a stack of Thank You cards in your desk. You can never thank someone enough.

Have amazing stationary. It will inspire you to write.

What kinds of things do you want in your creative space? Make a quick trip to CB2 and Target and get everything you can possibly need for the perfect space.

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