The Perfect Guest List

Creating a guest list for a client party can be tricky and it is without a doubt the most important part of any party. You want to be sure you invite the right editors and writers to every party to expose them to your client’s brand. Review your list of media contacts and create a list for that specific party. A generic list can be a great start but a well thought out list around the actual party is worth creating.

When creating the perfect guest list ask yourself these questions.

  1. Who would love this brand?
  2. Who would love this experience?
  3. Who would mesh well with the client?
  4. Who provides great coverage?
  5. Who is easy to work with?

If I am not sending out tangible invites (Which I love!) I absolutely love Paperless Post. The chic and colorful styles of invites are endless. You can create gorgeous invites in a matter of minutes. Once, you create the invites and send them to your guests the website creates a guest list for you. You receive email updates anytime the guest list changes. If there is a new RSVP or a change in the original number of guests, you will receive an email. You can also email your guests directly from the portal with any updates on the party. Notes can be scheduled to remind guests of the upcoming party. The Paperless Post portal truly makes organizing your guest list a breeze.

Here are a few additional tips for perfecting your guest list.

Send reminders two weeks out, one week out and the day of the party.

Review the guest list to make sure each invite was delivered to the recipient.

Check the portal each day for any new messages with questions about the party.

Invite twice as many guests as you are hoping for RSVPs. Example – If you want fifty RSVPs, invite one hundred guests.

Now that it is the New Year! What is the next party on your calendar? Use these tips and let me know how the party goes!

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