When Instagramable Moments Are Life

What is an Instagramable Moment? – An Instagramable moment is a picturesque moment worth capturing. A few examples of Instagramable moments are, a group of well-dressed girls laughing, the perfect side shot of a flawless heel or a perfectly lit dressing room selfie. Creating Instagramable moments is an art form. When creating these moments for a client you need to think about the brand and the target audience before you decide on a strategy.

Capturing the perfect, Instagramable moment helps create and multiply your clients reach by creating a moment worth sharing with others. Here is a quick example – Three of your favorite fashion writers love the shoe meets champagne moment you have crafted at a client collection unveiling. They all take a photo and post it to their Instagram. One writer has a reach of 11k, one has a reach of 24k and one has a reach of 54k. Those three photos have a reach out 89k! Pretty amazing, right?!

Here are a few ideas for the perfect Instagramable Moments –

Create a cute couch moment. – A fashionable couch with great pillows.

Create a gorgeous shoe moment. – Place the most over the top shoes in direct eyesight of your guests.

Create a fabulous bag moment. – Line the bags up in a way that highlights their details.

Create a fun Boomerang moment. – Toasting champagne or clicking heels together always creates a moment.

Create a girly mirror moment. – Make sure there are a variety of huge mirrors for the classic mirror selfie!

Design moments that people want to photograph. The space should be bright, organized and beautiful.

Capturing Instagramable moments is exciting; it allows your strategy to meet your creativity. However, more importantly it capitalizes on the client event by creating opportunities to share your client with a fashion editor or a fashion influencer’s following. Think about creating a fabulous social road-map for sharing that is on brand, stylish and cool! PR executed!

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