When Surveys met PR and created Buzz

In PR it is important to be creative. You have to think of innovative ways to help build a brand, maintain a perfect public image, engage your audience and create new enthusiasts. Surveys are the perfect way to ask the important questions and get a clear answer. In addition to all of your other PR strategies, surveys are a great addition. With a survey you are connecting directly with your target audience by asking what they like, don’t like, need or even agree with. The answers that your target audience provides can help a brand focus on specifically what the target audience values. Once a survey is complete you can use the findings to create buzz and further visibility for your client; create a press release, write a blog or send out a tweet about exactly what the findings are. The amazing thing about a survey is it that it provides you […]

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Reach Out and Touch Someone!

A media outreach is one of the most important things you will do for your client. At least initially. A media outreach is when reach out to very specific press to get the buzz out about your client. You gather solid contact information for the press that you will reach out to and call or email them directly. Research – Aim for real email addresses. I have made the mistake of thinking an email that starts with “info” will end up in the right hands. However, that is not always the case. The better the email address, the better your outreach. Always look for a direct email address. Go a step further and learn about what the blogger, journalist or writer typically covers. If your client is an artist and you reach out to a writer that covers art, that’s great. However, if your client is a Contemporary artist and the writer typically […]

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Shining at SUNdance

I had the opportunity to attend Sundance in gorgeous Park City, Utah this past week to do PR. It was amazing. The prep for Sundance began as soon as I got back from Paris, France. Press releases, media outreach, sponsor and vendor management and guest lists galore! Our programming included morning yoga, daytime lounges, parties (private) on Main Street and at Deer Valley Lodges, panels and dinners parties. Like most industries the need for PR in the Entertainment industry is of course necessary, but it has to be executed professionally and thoughtfully to make an impact. It is pretty cool how the role of a Publicist is constantly changing. You have to wear so many hats in order to pull off a fabulous event, from an idea or initial concept to prepping security on the party guidelines. Our events were at capacity (and beyond) every night and we all learned […]

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